Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Word "less" Wednesday

Some fun projects I've been working on.

Friday, August 1, 2014


It's the room I always wanted, the command center for any family, the place where shoes go (so tired of tripping over them) and the place where all that mail clutter can live.

While there is no paint on the wall, and we aren't planning on any for a little bit, it quite possibly may be my favorite room. Yes, it's the only room that looks like a room, but I think we have achieved exactly what I wanted.

Now to tackle another room.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Window Pane Craft

This project was another idea I had in my head and I just needed all the parts to make it work. I was so excited when I saw someone selling the windowpane. I knew I wanted one in the mudroom but I wasn't sure where to get one. I had looked when we went antiquing but they never had any.

 I didn't even need to paint or remove the glass for what I was going to do. This window was in perfect shape and even looked old.

I decided not to make it a chalk board but to make it a cork board. I had seen these sheets of designed cork at JoAnn's and I really wanted to use them. At the time I saw them I didn't have the window so I went back yesterday and picked them up. I also bought a roll of cork since the sheets of cork were very thin.

I then laid out the way I wanted the paper on the panes and got to cutting and gluing. I used the same adhesive spray glue, I used for the lego table. I sprayed the glue to the roll cork and on the glass, the cork above was self adhesive so I just peeled off the paper and stuck it down.

It was all very easy. The only thing I would recommend is maybe using more cork behind the decorative cork to make it thicker and hold the push pins in a little tighter but other then that it was easy fun and is going to look great in the mud room.