Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Decorating - Part II

When we moved in we decided to be a little bold in the kitchen and family room area. We had already had a yellow kitchen in the townhouse so we went with a blue/grey but really more blue for the kitchen and a light yellow for the family room.

I ended up using bright yellow as accents in the kitchen. I knew the kitchen needed a more country/shabby chic feel. We live in this room and I wanted it to feel very relaxed.

Here are some pictures. One day we will add a bright back splash and maybe even some windows above the cabinets but for now we are all set.

This area is my work space. It can be a little cluttered at time but I really try to keep it organized. It works for now, since the kids occupy what should be the office. That desk is probably 15 years old and has moved with us, since Jacksonville. The kids painted the art over the top of the desk and my amazing friend made me the art.

On either side of the kitchen I have two little nook areas that I am in love with. Knick knack heaven!

Finally, there is the eating area. We just hung the cornice boards up this weekend. My mom and I and Charlie made them. They are super easy to make, just make sure you have your measurements right. I used about 4 yards of fabric for both windows and one bag of batting. Charlie bought and put the boards together while my mom and I did the fabric. Just grab a staple gun and you are on your way.

That is table number 3 in the house and we don't normally have the table out like that but when you have a lot people coming for dinner it's nice to be able to extend the table. Yes, we still need two blinds on that set of windows, we will get them, ha. We just frequent Home Depot more then Lowes.

I will post the family room one day, you know when the kids decide to not throw up toys all over it.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Decorating - Part I

The decorating of this house has been a lot of fun. I have to say, I'm almost done, except for a few small areas. Yes, I'm aware we haven't even been in a year but I'm a little compulsive. If I see it, I like it, I buy it. Done and Done.

Here is the Dining Room.

Here is the Living Room. The gold table was made by me from an Ikea Hack website. They change that brown shelf to marble but I don't need to do that because it ties in just fine with the rest of my furniture.

Here is the area that is between these two rooms.

I'm pretty impressed with myself and Charlie for how we made all these rooms come together on a budget. Some pieces are from the last house, some are new and nothing was purchased from expensive stores. I'd say most of the new pieces came from HomeGoods. The antique buffet was a find while I was antiquing and again most of the stuff was from the old house.

I can't tell you how many times the rugs were moved, the buffets were moved, the mirrors leaning against walls but now we've got it. I only last week added the finishing touches to these rooms. Knick Knacks are my favorite part.

I'll post pictures from the kitchen and dining area tomorrow for Decorating Part II.